What is Digital Scholar?

Digital Scholar is a hosted web platform powered by Reclaim Hosting  that that facilitates quick and easy deployment of digital scholarship projects. There are over 100 applications available in Digital Scholar, include WordPress, Scalar, Omeka, mediawiki, Drupal, and MySQL.

How do we define digital scholarship?

New forms of research and teaching enabled by the use of digital tools and methods.

Why use Digital Scholar over other platforms?

Digital Scholar offers one-click installs for common web publishing platforms, like WordPress, Omeka, and Scalar. It allows access to common web development technologies, such as PHP, MySQL, and Python.

Who is eligible for a Digital Scholar account?

Digital Scholar is available to all current U of R faculty and students with active NetIDs. Alumni and other affiliated members of the University of Rochester community are not eligible for this service. Your account will be closed 3 months after graduation or leaving the university. Please contact support@digitalscholar.rochester.edu for information on archiving or migrating content.

What can’t Digital Scholar be used for?

Digtial Scholar is not to be used for:

  • Personal sites or resources for yourself or an organization (club, team, etc.) that are not directly related scholarship, research or a course of study.
  • Profit making enterprises or businesses (these may be created on Digital Scholar as part of a capstone or course related project but must be migrated off of Digital Scholar before going “live”).

How do I get a Digital Scholar account?

Sign-up for an account by completing an interest form. You will then be prompted to select a domain name.

  1. Click “Get Started” and log in with your UR netid and password and fill out the interest form.
  2. Once the interest form is filled out you will be contacted within 2 business days with follow up instructions.
  3. Once you receive the follow up instructions you will need to choose your domain name. Choose carefully because this cannot be changed later. Many people choose their net ID or last name to create a domain such as https://mynetid.digitalscholar.rochester.edu but you should make sure it is general enough to make sense when you add sites which get appended to the end of the URL.

Storage Quota

Faculty will receive an initial storage quota of 5Gb while students will receive 500Mb. If these limits are reached please contact support@digitalscholar.rochester.edu for information on archiving, compressing or deleting content.

Omeka Classic Setup

Once you have installed Omeka Classic you may need to perform a few follow up steps to ensure it works as expected.

To get thumbnail images for your items follow these instructions

To run some plugins follow these instructions

Restrict Access to Projects

You may wish to secure your projects so that they are only available while on campus. The easiest way to do this is by using an .htaccess file. You can use multiple .htaccess files throughout your sites to control access to different parts of your site. Here are some good basic instructions.
.htaccess Instructions