Getting Started

Congratulations on your new Digital Scholar account where you can experiment, create, collaborate, learn, teach and engage in all manner of digital scholarship.  Below you will find some quick start information to get you going.

Your Domain

To get started head go to your dashboard to choose your domain.  You may need to refresh your page and clear your cache if you see the “Interest Form” again.  You will have opportunity to choose what your subdomain is going to be using a form like this:

Domain Choice

You will need to choose your subdomain carefully because all of your sites will be parked there.  Because of this you may want to choose a subdomain that is generic and will allow you to have several sites running there without causing confusion.  For instance naming your site would not make sense if you continued to use the site in 2019.  Many users find that using their netid or name works well.

Other Information

For application specific instructions and other information please see the FAQ page.

For acceptable use please see the Terms of Service.